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Overcoming Monday with Sharie King

Sep 16, 2019


Jason (otherwise known as Propaganda) and Alma Petty, from the Red Couch Podcast, join Sharie in a conversation about identity, centering around the idea that we are not victims of culture because we ARE part of culture. We create our own culture because culture is not what’s around us, but who we are...

Sep 9, 2019

Sharie interviews Alyssa Bethke on the need for generations to learn from one another. It’s easy to live life within a familiar age group, but there is value to learning not only from those older, but also those younger than us. Alyssa and Sharie provide practical tips on how to build relationships with other...

Sep 2, 2019

Jay Urich is a football player for USC and follower of Jesus. In this episode, Sharie and Jacob King ask Jay for advice on how to live out faith as a college athlete. This episode is part of the Overcoming Monday Season 10 for dedicated to Young Adults. 

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Aug 26, 2019

Sharie met Hidiat and Hiyab in the summer of 2019 when they worked on the Crossroads Summer Camp staff. Upon initial meeting, Sharie was intrigued with both of these young ladies, but family’s story of faith and immigration to America, she was simply amazed. This podcast is an interview of their parent’s journey to...

Aug 19, 2019

Sharie and four young adults from Crossroads Summer Camp Staff talk about the difference active participation in Spiritual Disciplines made in their lives. In this episode, they define and explain how to apply spiritual disciplines in your life through practical experience and stories. This episode is part of Overcoming...